The Canyon Course

The Canyon entices golfers with the most drama via elevated tee boxes and tree-lined fairways.


Hole 1

One of the most demanding driving holes that requires precision placement off the tee. A high trajectory shot is recommended. The fairway narrows considerably if one tries to cut the corner.


A high trajectory shot is recommended

Hole 2

Number two begins with a lengthy stretch of holes up on the ridge. One may expect more wind than usual. A good drive and a short iron give an opportunity to make up a shot or two from the three previous challenging holes.


One may expect more wind than usual

Hole 3

Aim left center of the fairway to avoid bunkers on the right. Mounds on left will often bank drives back toward fairway. Long iron or fairway wood off the tee for big hitters. Green slopes toward fairway and is guarded by bunkers on right.


Long iron or fairway wood off the tee for big hitters

Hole 4

Likened to the Lake's sixth hole, hole 4 here requires an accurate tee shot. Left, behind and right is trouble and is marked as lateral hazard.


Watch out for the lateral hazard!

Hole 5

Aim down right side of the saddle shaped landing area off tee. Play second shot right of green to fairway landing area leaving an unobstructed approach. Green is well guarded with bunkers in front and right. Unmaintained areas are left and behind. This hole may be reachable in two for big hitters.


Are you a big hitter?

Hole 6

Drive down right side of the fairway. Left of the fairway slopes severely down hill to a canyon. Golfers will maximize landing area off tee by choosing a club that leaves an approach of a 100 to 120 yards.


Watch the slope left of the fairway!

Hole 7

The "Canyon" hole is more forgiving than it looks. An errant shot will often carom or funnel towards the green. An elevated tee requires one club less than normal.


Elevated tee requires one club less than normal

Hole 8

One of three great finishing holes; long and narrow flanked by oak and pine trees. The slight dogleg right requires a left to right or straight shot from the tee. An ample sized green is guarded by bunkers front and left.


An ample sized green guarded by bunkers

Hole 9

Aim between fairway pine and right bunker off tee. Longer hitters may choose to drive over right side of fairway pine to reach down slope. Second shot depends on placement of drive and navigation of stream that diagonals the fairway. Green is guarded by left front bunker.


Long hitter? Drive over the right side of fairway pine.